General Group Therapy for Youth

Peer groups for a variety of ages - $25 fee

These groups have limited availability, so it will be important to contact the office about getting on the list for the next cycle.

For Youth of Various Age Groups

HELP YOUR CHILD SUCCEED IN SCHOOL—AND IN LIFE! There are reasons to choose group therapy over individual therapy, or as an adjunct to individual therapy. Here at Live! we are creating a culture of peer support. Your child or adolescent may find these groups helpful and enjoyable. We have groups for a variety of age ranges and we can make sure that no participant in the group will be more than three years older or younger than your child. The focus of these groups change over time and include, but are not limited to, emotion regulation, social skills, anxiety, depression, life changes, school stressors, and getting organized. The charge for this group is a $25 fee per session.