Family Services at Live!

Live! works with all types of families, focusing on communication, solving problems, using clinical and non-clinical interventions.  These services are sometimes directed or recommended by the courts to help stuck families move to more cohesive and child-centric environments that promote safety and security for the children.

These include Reunification between estranged parents and children, Parent Coordination, Mediation, Settlement Facilitation, Arbitration and Family Counseling. Sometimes these terms can be confusing.

Family Therapy is where the whole family comes to work on some issue or issues that is affecting them in a negative way.

Reunification therapy is designed to heal the relationship between a parent and child torn apart or compromised by a variety of factors.

Parent Coordination is usually ordered by a judge or mutually agreed upon by attorneys when you and your co-parent are unable to make important decisions for your child(ren). Waiting for a court date for a judge to tell you what to do is not always a good choice because time keeps moving. A Parent Coordinator can help you and your co-parent reach decisions. If you can't come to agreement, the Parent Coordinator will choose for you.

Mediation involves the use of a trained Mediator who helps two parties communicate until they reach a decision on a predetermined issue. These parties can be parents, neighbors, businesses, etc.  Settlement Facilitation is a form of mediation. The facilitator, or mediator, assists the parties in reaching a resolution, but does not dictate the terms of settlement. He or she helps the parties assess the strengths and weaknesses of their cases and may suggest a possible solution. Arbitration is the same as mediation, except that the third party will make a decision for the parties. It is different than litigation, as it is not done in the courtroom