Therapy Groups

Live! offers many group therapy groups to the Albuquerque community. Check them out below and click to learn more.

Why might we choose group therapy?

There are many reasons people choose group therapy.

  1. Group therapy can be a cost-effective alternative to individual therapy. Since we usually do not use health insurance for a group, we can get appropriate care without having to have a mental health diagnosis.
  2. Some groups are more process oriented and the feedback from others can be powerful. Sometimes the groups are more didactic or educational in nature. In these situations we can have greater focus on learning skills, thereby reaching our goals quicker.
  3. In many situations a group can be a more powerful catalyst to change than individual therapy. Often a group can be a supportive adjunct to individual therapy.

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy

Featured Project CHILD-PARENT RELATIONSHIP TRAINING Child-Parent-Relationship (C-P-R) Training A 10-Session Parenting Program for parents of children under 10 years of ...
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Co-operative Parenting Group

Featured Group CO-OPERATIVE PARENTING GROUP THERAPY Co-operative Parenting Group Parents are expected to attend separate classes from their co-parent.- 16 ...
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Divorce Group for Children

Featured Group DIVORCE GROUP FOR CHILDREN Divorce Group for Children This group meets weekly for twelve ninety-minute sessions and costs ...
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Fathers and Mothers Parenting Group Therapy

Featured Group FATHERS AND MOTHERS PARENTING GROUP Fathers and Mothers Parenting Group We are meeting on the second and fourth ...
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General Group Therapy for Youth

Featured Group GENERAL GROUP THERAPY FOR YOUTH General Group Therapy for Youth Peer groups for a variety of ages - ...
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Group Therapy groups coming to Live! soon:

  • Therapy Group for children identified by their school as engaging in bullying behavior
  • Therapy Group for children identified as “gifted”
  • Therapy Group for girls entering into middle school

Call (505) 717-7227 for details and let Live! know if you are interested!