Therapy Groups & Classes

Live! offers several therapy groups and classes to the Albuquerque community. We have ongoing standing weekly groups that run continuously, and specialty groups that run for a fixed number of sessions at different times during the year. Check back as new groups are offered periodically throughout the year. Learn more about these groups below. 

Why choose group therapy?

There are many reasons people choose group therapy.

  1. Group therapy can be a cost-effective alternative to individual therapy. Since we usually do not use health insurance for a group, we can get appropriate care without having to have a mental health diagnosis.
  2. Some groups are more process oriented and the feedback from others can be powerful. Sometimes the groups are more didactic or educational in nature. In these situations we can have greater focus on learning skills, thereby reaching our goals quicker.
  3. In many situations a group can be a more powerful catalyst to change than individual therapy. Often a group can be a supportive adjunct to individual therapy.

Why take a class with Live!?

We don't know what we don't know!   Often we think that our experience or the experiences of others is enough to understand how to respond and handle complex emotional issues. Unfortunately, misinformation, misunderstanding, and having learned the wrong information can lead to more problems. At Live! our therapists, and group facilitators guide you in learning new information and techniques to equip you with the tools to make life easier, happier, and more peaceful.

  1. Learn new information.
  2. Get support with others dealing with the same issues.
  3. Gain self-awareness and make behavioral changes.
  4. Gain understanding for more positive relationship.

Child-Parent Relationship Training

HELP YOUR CHILD SUCCEED IN SCHOOL—AND IN LIFE! A strong parent-child relationship is the foundation for your child’s future success.  This play-based approach not only helps parents learn to manage their children’s behavior successfully, it also provides parents with the keys to enhancing and strengthening the parent-child bond and having more fun with their children. More Information

Co-operative Parenting & Divorce

Co-operative Parenting and Divorce is a psychoeducational, video-based program designed to improve the quality of parental relationship situations of divorce. The program is facilitated by a specially trained therapist and is designed for divorcing or divorced parents demonstrating mild to moderate levels of parent conflict..  More Information

Divorce Group for Children 

This is a group that services children who are experiencing the divorce or separation of their parents. This group is also open to children whose parents are already divorced or separated or were never together as a couple and are struggling to co-parent successfully.  More Information

General Groups for Youth

Groups assembled by age group. Fixed groups that run weekly. 

The focus of these groups change over time and include appropriate to the ages and needs of the group.  They include but are not limited to, emotion regulation, social skills, anxiety, depression, life changes, school stressors, and getting organized. More Information